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Amazon follows Musk, prepares launching Rockets for Broadband services

Amazon’s Project Kuiper

Amazon is launching the project Kuiper. This project will be providing broadband connections using 3,236 satellites. 2,300 satellites are already in the orbit as a result of Project Rival Starlink. As per the news, the rockets are being made by  Arianespace, Blue Origin. Arianespace owner is Jeff Bezos in collaboration with the United Launch Alliance.

In the latest statement released by Amazon on Project Kuiper reads that this is a project aiming at high speed broadband. They claim that this would be low-latency broadband service. Whose customers range from  households, businesses, government agencies, disaster relief operations, mobile operators, and other organizations. In fact their target customers are all those who are working at places without reliable internet connection.

This is a project similar to that of Elon Musk’s Starlink. Starlink enables internet connectivity via a terminal that communicates with the satellites. Amazon’s projects Kindle and Echo ill help Amazon in distributing these, as per their own statements.

Dave Limp, who is currently the senior vice-president for Amazon Devices & Services unfolds interesting facts. He says that the project Kuiper will be providing fast yet affordable broadband services. This service shall not be limited to few thousand people but to tens of millions of customers. The customers who are living in unserved communities around the world.

Amazon is planning to launch more than 83 rockets in coming 5 years.

The Vulcan Centaur will be one of the new rockets used for the launch (artists impression)IMAGE SOURCE,AMAZON

While Elon Musk rockets, the Falcon 9,  are all ready, Bezos’s are still in pipeline. OneWeb is another satellite internet that is partly owned by the British Government. It is also using Musk’s Falcon as they could not access the Russian’s Soyuz rocket amid Ukraine-Russia tussle. Musk is eager to launch 30,000 satellites in space

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