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How to use Apple Back tap? A Secret iPhone button

Last month iPhone got a new update of a secret button many of the users did not notice it. If you are thinking it is for spying or something like that then you are wrong. Apple is not sneaking into your privacy. This feature came with the update of iOS 14. Although there is not any big achievement, it will be very useful for some of the users. This feature is known as Apple Back Tap. This new feature allows users to customize the shortcuts animations on tap.

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This back tap turns the whole back of the phone into a giant touch-sensitive button. You can perform different functions on the double or triple tap. Apple has introduced the settings for the back tap in is Accessibility menu. By tapping this you can access different functions like taking a screenshot or enable other features like Assistive Touch, voiceover, magnifier, speak screen, etc.

How to use iPhone Back Tap Feature control in iOS 14

To use or access the back tap feature we have to first enable the functions. To enable different functions follow these steps that will help you out.

Apple back tap feature setting in one minute

  1. Open “Settings” of your phone


  2. Go to “Accessibility”


  3. Click/tap on “Touch”


  4. Move to the bottom and tap on ” Back Tap”


  5. Tap “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” to select the option


  6. You can use both “Double Tap” or “Triple Tap” functions to use the shortcuts


Pictorial View of how to set your Apple Back Tap Feature


You can do almost everything with this button. It is a very interesting kind of button that is invisible to the naked eye. This button has no function until it is enabled through the software. It can be turned on to do any task on the smartphone with a quick tap on it.

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