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Apple, Google and Microsoft working on password-less sign in!

Is the news true?

Yes. this is true! Today, Web users across the world are using different platforms. Platforms that they are accessing every day, and from different devices. They have to access these platforms from various devices at various places at various times. Thus, for their ease and convenience, they prefer using the same password for different accounts they are using. LET’s be honest: most people have the same password for Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, and other platforms. Now, even though this is a good idea as it does not makes one forget their password. But there is an issue with it.

The issue is that it makes all the accounts vulnerable. if anyone (most probably, a hacker) gets an access to any of your accounts. Boom: all your platforms are exposed! All your data, pictures, information and private mails are exposed. This is eventually true and alarming.

But why worry when the Fast Identity Online Alliance, along with World Wide Web Consortium are developing a a new password-less technology.

In an official statement, they say that it is a joint effort to make the web secure for all . Thereby, Apple, Google and Microsoft are announcing plan for extending support for single (common) password-free sign in. This is the creation of FIDO alliance and he World Wide Web Consortium. This will allow the websites and the applications to be consistent, secure and easy. Soon, the password free sign-ins are being available to consumers across the devices and platforms.

FIDO Alliance

The latest press release ensures that password-only authentication is becoming a security concern. The biggest concerns to be appropriate. The thing is that, sneaking into one of the accounts is like sneaking into many. Making the user at a stake pf life. Just imagine someone accessing all your platforms!

On the other hand, The FIDO Alliance approves a fact. They agree that password managers help users create a unique combinations. This combination is saved and two-factor authentication improves the security concerns. This makes the sign-ins more convenient and secure.

FIDO, however,  mentions that many companies are working on password-free technology. they assure that more than 100 global technology companies in alliance and W3C are able to create password-less sign-in standards.  A number of devices and modern web browsers are supporting this standard.

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, now companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft  are lending hand in development. they are collaborating for making their platforms password free for sign-ins. This feature works with two new capabilities given to the consumer. first, accessing the  FIDO sign-in credentials on multiple devices, without re-enroll for new accounts. Second, enabling the users for FIDO authentication. They will have FIDO authentication on their mobile device to sign in to an app or website , without an OS platform.


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