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Apple search engine: Is Apple getting real about it?

Search engine is a program that searches and gets the item that we keep in a database with correspondence to the user defined keyword or character. Its uses are searching the data and websites on World Wide Web. The search engine collects the results and shows them on the screen. It collects all the related result or relative results that user is seeking. The search engine being used world wide in different devices is Google. Google owns more than 75% of shares of search market .

Apple Search Engine May Launch Soon

We all know that Google pays Huge amount to apple to remain the default search engine. It is stated many time from Google and apple that they pay billions of dollars . In all devices of Apple on safari for iOS, iPad google is the default and main search engine. This can not be changed unless google is changed in safari’s preferences

The deal between Apple and google will be coming to an end soon. In July 2020 UK competition and market authority took notice of the fact that the agreement between Apple and Google cause hindrance to other companies for entry and expansion regarding search engines.

A new report declares that the factors are increasing to force apple in increasing Siri searches. Apple already have a search engine that is being used for Spotlight Searches and Siri. Moreover if the new report is true then it is time Apple may want to cancel the financial agreements with google to be default search engine in all apple devices.

Apple doesn’t need Google’s money

Apple is now the most valuable and well known company in the field of IT. The company therefore, does not depend on money coming from Google. This is the reason now a days apple is investing highly in search.

Posting of jobs for search engineer by Apple are also another sign that Apple is interested in launching its own search engine. This is the reason that Apple has started to search results bypassing Google and show results within the Spotlight Search.

Up-gradation of Apple Bot

In the month of July 2020 Apple added important up-gradation to apple bot. The additions are very much similar to that google provides to its webmasters and SEOs. The changes are as follows

  • How to verify traffic from Applebot
  • Differ between the user either desktop or mobile version
  • Expanded robots.txt rules
  • Added a section on search rankings
  • The factors that affect how it ranks web search results

As we all know this is the era of technology no one wants to be dependent on another company. We have seen how Huawei got banned by US companies and had to switch to its own OS which is not yet mature. This brought a major loss to the company. Being the leading IT company, Apple would not want to rely on other companies for its survival. Moreover in result we will see that Apple is launching its own search engine. This search engine will be a great challenge to Google and will bring competition to the market. On the other hand mostly users prefer Apple Tech over any other company. This will bring a great change to the world of search engines!