As Musk comes onboard, Twitter is ready for making changes.


As Musk becomes the owner of the most shares of Social media site, Twitter, people are already speculating the changes he is to make. In yesterday’s post, we confirmed our readers with the news that Elon Musk now owns more share then the founder of twitter.

We see Musk active on Twitter and its a delight! Also, he shares memes and has interaction with his 80 Million followers. He even sells 10% of Tesla shares on having a positive opinion from his followers!

Musk like famous politicians and artists has been under-fire for using Twitter, for which he believes that Twitter limits the freedom of speech and has strict regulations.

He has now bee welcome onboard by Twitter and now asks his followers a pretty good question. Do they need an Edit button? He reaches 2.6 million responses and Mr. Agarwal (CEO twitter)  wants people to carefully poll over.

View Full tweet here.


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