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Best Green Technologies for Households

They say change starts at home, and they say it right! We always criticize the government and the industries for polluting the environment. however, we are also responsible for polluting the environment. its about time to realize that we need to invest in Green technologies. I don’t wanna give you all the facts and figures as that’s too typical. we all know what effects this pollution has caused on us and our coming generations.
However, its time to take some steps. Steps that would help us to protect our environment. Let’s leave a better world for our generations by investing in these:

Eco-friendly home Appliances

Its about time to invest in air-conditioners and refrigerators (at least) that are eco-friendly. The latest refrigerators and air-conditioners by major companies like Samsung are invertors. these are eco-friendly thus omitting less Carbon Dioxide. They also consume less electricity which means they are budget-friendly. save the planet and save money! the reason I said at least for these two items is that each household has the maximum use of these two commodities than any other. so, convinced?

Smart Power strips

The traditional power strips are the vampire strips that tend to drain the power all the time. So these strips are the ones fitted on your walls into which you plug in your TV, DVDs and other appliances. Now, these tend to drain the power as even when you turn off the appliance, they would go to standby mode rather than shutting down. Say you are not using TV but you are using energy/electricity. the best way to stop that is to invest in Smart Power Strips. Eco-friendly and of course saving your bucks on electricity bills.
P.S: if you still can’t change the strips, always plug out the devices. But I know that won’t be convenient at all for you!

Solar Panels

Something I have been preaching for years. Solar Panels are the best and the most eco-friendly appliance to invest in. Especially if you are living in a country where summers are pro-longed. They are not that costly to install and are super convenient to use. their maintenance occurs after a year and the more you invest in them, the most of your appliances shift to solar energy. The batteries can store energy for nighttime. they save bills and you don’t have to worry about electric failure, maintenance, or load-shedding.

Rain Barrels

As the name suggests, the rain barrels are used to store the rainwater. The rainwater might not be used for drinking or washing. Yet it can be used for multiple purposes such as watering plants, washing the garage and other such stuff. They are now available at most hardware stores or you can even DIY! Just make sure to install it at a place where rain water is easy to collect. Make sure you clean it up during the rainy season and use water from above. so that all impurities settle down!

Solar Hot Water Heater

Well, again to solar power. While many of us believe that the typical hot water heaters are energy-friendly as the water boils to emit heat, that is not true. Now, even though less Carbon Dioxide omits. We are living in 21st century where we have solar power equipped how water heaters that use no electricity for heating but solar energy! See, there is a difference that will make a difference!


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