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Best Smartphones of 2022! Which Phones to buy in 2022!

While the last decade has been the decade of smartphones, the last year has been the best one for technological revolution in smartphones. There are some that have not been very satisfactory, but some have blown our mind. Smartphones are the best thing that have been invented so far. They are making life and communication much easier.

However, with so many companies in the market and so many smartphones available, it is difficult to make the decision. Which smartphone to buy is often a question people ask. Such decision are difficult. As they require extensive research. So we are here to solve the problem and giving forth our verdict on best smartphones for 2022. Nonetheless, these are not the best budgeted smartphones in our list. These are the expensive ones. However, we will be coming with the best budgeted smartphones soon. These ones can cost around the laptop for instance the Samsung Z Fold 2!

Here are our top 5 smartphones of 2022!

1.  Apple iPhone 13

Weather or not you are an iOS user, you have to admit that this is a technological beauty. It starts at somewhat $830 yet t is worth it. it features the A15 Bionic chip, an OLED display with Pro-motion, 128GB internal storage, 5G compatible, leap in battery, water resistant and huge camera upgrade! Also, this beauty is available in different colors namely: black, teal, red, white, and pink. Know more about Apple iPhone 13 here!

iPhone 13, PC: Apple

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Well, this one is for the android users. Specifically the rich ones. This smartphone is priced at $999! What makes it worthy of its price is the Snapdragon chipset, a great outlook, 6.6 inch display, 3 rear cameras, 4nm processor chip,  three rear cameras and best night-graphy! Also it offers four generations of Android OS upgrades. Along with some amazing deals on Spotify and YouTube premium. Know about the Samsung Galaxy S22 plus here!

S 22, PC verge

3. Google Pixel 6

When it comes to money value, Google Pixel 6 is just the right choice. It is as competitive as the iPhone 13 and the Samsung Galaxy S22, Yet it is under the budget. Costing $599, it is giving a lot to its consumers.  The Pixel 6 has 8GB of RAM, 128GB or 256GB of internal storage, and is equipped with Android 12 software. It also has the new Google’s You Theming. The unique thing about Pixel 6 is that it has the Tensor, which is actually the Google’s first proprietary mobile processor. This is competitive with the  Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chip inside other Android flagships. Tensor also helps the pixel to be AI equipped and learn new tricks. Buy yours here!

Pixel 6

4. Samsung Z flip 3

Well, we had to make sure that technological beauty falls in our list of top smartphones of 2022! And here it is, on the number 4! Would cost you around $999. But it is not an ordinary smartphone. While other Smartphones are getting bigger and heavier, this beauty just flips to make adjustments in your pocket. So that you can enjoy 4.2-inch pocketable device or a 6.7-inch smartphone. It has a 1080p OLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate. you can use split screen for multitasking and use widgets like app notifications and audio player controls without un-flipping. best for photography as you don’t need a phone stand and videos! Read more here!

5. TCL 20 S

When it comes to budget and Quality, TCL is a class apart. It is a good looking smartphone with equally good features. Equipped with  64-megapixel main camera and 15-megapixel front camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor and 4GB of RAM,  128GB of internal storage, a 5,000mAh battery that lasts for around two days without a recharge. It is under $300!

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