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Best Cloud Storage – The Best Free Storage Solutions 2020

Welcome to our website for the information of the best cloud storage for 2020. We will guide you about the best cloud storage services. Tech Bits today is providing Review about the best cloud storage’s.

Many things have changed with time. Competition between big organizations like Dropbox, Google drive, One drive ,Sync, pCloud is increasing day by day. These companies are providing services at their best to the user in the market. To save your work and time we have a list of service providers that allow you to store data in the cloud.

List of Best Cloud Storage For 2020

Some of the free storage solutions and apps that are available with ease are listed below:

cloud storage
  • GoogleDrive
  • Onedrive
  • Dropbox
  • pCloud
  • Icedrive
  • Koofr

Why We use Cloud Storage?

People use cloud storage for many reasons. The main reason behind this is to get rid of storage devices. When we have data in different storage devices sometimes it is difficult to carry the device. Sometimes people forget their devices and there is also the risk of privacy to the user. When we use cloud storage we are worry free of carrying storage devices. Only you or your trustworthy can access your data or someone whom you allow.

The second main reason is that you can access your data at any time anywhere when you want. You can access your data even if you don’t have your own device with you. Another reason for using the cloud storage is that you can also sync your devices so it is easy to manage your data. If the devices are synced with each other you can access the data of other devices from one device

What can we do with Online storage?

Sync folders help the user to synchronize their devices for the sharing of data. Put the folder you want to share into a sync folder and it will be uploaded to the cloud, sharing it to the synced devices.

Some cloud storage apps allow the users to share data and give access to other users.

File sharing feature allows you to share files in your circle. This feature also enables you to share the access of a file to specific users on the base of their email addresses. User can also generate a link to share the file in a broad circle. You can edit and upload the shared file in some of the cloud storage tools. This can be done with the permission of the actual owner of the file

Best Cloud Storage Applications 2020

Google Drive

Like the other services of Microsoft, Google Drive is also a great service. It is a storage solution, to allow user to share its folders and files or store them. Google provides you 15 GB of Cloud space that you can use free and that is enough a for a small or individual purpose.

More over if you want to increase the space limit google provides it to you at very reasonable prices. Google Drive also allows apps for user with offline capability. It is available for Android, Windows, Mac and IOS users.

google drive

It allows the user to access almost 37 different apps. Some of the apps are listed below:

  1. Docs
  2. Slides
  3. Sheets
  4. Drawings
  5. Forms
  6. Apps Script

The above mentioned are applications by google that we can use in google drive.

One Drive

It is a cloud storage service that allows its user to share files with security and privacy at one place and access them virtually. In easy words it is a hard drive on the internet .


Dropbox is a cloud storage service by an American company Dropbox.Inc. This storage allows you to store your files on a server and synchronize and share with others anywhere.

I-cloud drive Storage solution

Icloud drive great solution of data storage problems. It works online and offline. Learn about icloud drive prices and storage space.

It is also same like above that allows you to share and save your data on a cloud storage and allows access any time.

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