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Best ways to technologically upgrade your kitchen!

If you have just moved into a new house or are planning to upgrade your kitchen, you are just at the right place. They say the most used place in your house is the kitchen. Your cooking, washing of dishes and all day needs of nutrition take place in the kitchen! You there is a whole deal of things going on, yet are you missing on technological upgradation of your kitchen?

Here are few ways you can (and should) upgrade your kitchen technologically! these technological needs will make your cooking experience better and easier.

  1. Make a separate space for all the electrical appliances!

    Well to be honest, if you are working in kitchen and want to make different products using different appliances. You would be juggling around the switch board queuing the different electric appliances. This is something not good. The only way you can avoid this is to make sure all these products are within your range. Thereby make a separate cupboard in which you have a separate socket for each appliance backed by a powerful electric power supply. This way you don’t have to worry about plugging in and out the appliances like juicer, air fryer, chopper, sandwich maker all the time. you would only need to open the right cabin, slightly pull out the appliance and the walah, enjoy!

    Here are some visual ideas to it!

    2. Build a Smart Kitchen

    As defined by the experts, smart kitchen is a kitchen that is commanded by technologies like Alexa or Google Assistance. You only need to make sure what you need and how much you can afford. So that you can ask your assistance to make prepare your Coffee, turn on the dishes, turn off the lights, and many more. You would need to invest in appliances that can be controlled over Wifi.
    Nonetheless, these appliances start from as low as $50 and go much much beyond! If you are interested in these appliances, read this amazing article here! 

       3. Smart Oven Hood

As I don’t own a one, my research shows that the best one in the market is the GE kitchen Hub. It is one of the most advanced smart kitchen hood, and to be honest the most practical one. As it has a good ventilation system to make your kitchen smoke and smell free along with no noise! Also, it has two cameras to, one to look on the stove and second to hold video calls. By this, you can know how your cooking is going along with having a zoom meeting or a regular chat with friend/mom! Thereby, you can enjoy music, movie or anything in your kitchen as you wait for your food to get cooked. Also it’s smart you can give commandments to it without physically reaching it!

4. Go Sun Flow

This is a water filter that not only filters out dust and impurities, but also kills off 99.9% bacteria. The best part is that it is a green technology, ensuring that it uses solar power to filter the water. Also, it can filter up to 1 gallon of water. Therefore, it is helpful for washing hands and taking baths as people infected with corona need to be using clean water!

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