You are currently viewing Dyson comes with yet another innovation-a headphone with air-purification!

Dyson comes with yet another innovation-a headphone with air-purification!

While Dyson is a technology-friendly brand and is always amazing us with its new designs, we are still awe-struck by the latest Dyson Headphones which they call the Dyson Zone. 

The Dyson Zone is not an ordinary headphone, it is a headphone catering global environment and infusion of technology.

What is the new Dyson Zone?

In simple words, Dyson Zone is the Air purifying headphones with ANC and a magnetic visor. The eye-catching headphones claim to purify 97% of the air. So the lungs are getting clean and pure air. However, the twist is that it is not just an air purifier, it is a high-quality headphone providing noise-free audio to the users.

The Dyson shows show 6 years of input has allowed in the creation of this great output:

How does it work?

The Dyson Zone sucks the polluted air from the electrostatic filter in ear cups. the air gets clean with the help of a Potassium carbon filter cleaner. The air passes through a compressor. The clean is delivered contact-free through two channels in the visor.

The Amazing Features of the Dyson Zone

3 ANC modes

  • 4 filtration modes
  • 3 ANC
  • More features through the Dyson Link app
  • Custom face-covering included

The Dyson Zone air-purifying over-ear headphones offer purified, filtered air to the user, along with high-quality audio. That’s their main aim and a very simplified description, though there are plenty of other features on board too.


Here is what Dyson is proud of about its Dyson Zone:

  • 11 microphones for ANC and PA
  • Stiff speaker cavity
  • 40mm speaker driver
  • Adaptable EQs through Dyson Link app
  • 40+ hour battery life with ANC
  • 4 hours battery with low filtration mode
  • 2.5 hours battery in medium filtration mode
  • 1.5 hours battery in high filtration mode
  • Quick charging via USB Type C – 60 per cent in 20 minutes
  • 1-year filter expectancy for heavy user in UK/Europe

Why invest in Dyson Zone?

Well, they are defiantly eye-catching.  They are best for people who have breathing and health issues and people around the globe who face air pollution. They offer a magnetic attachment that is easy to flip when one needs to talk and has a compartment for the mask.

oh yes, they also have a joystick on the headphones for control and an airflow button to control the air flowing in. they offer different modes. They have built-in batteries and also it gets charged by a simple type C charger. their sound test has been amazing. the noise cancellation property allows the users to fully enjoy what they are listening to.

Health, Attention towards audio, and style are why you should invest in Dyson Zone!  Dyson Zone is still to be released in the Autumn of 2022!


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