Elon Musk gains highest shares of Twitter, also highlights plan of making a new Social media platform


Whilst Elon Musk is enjoying highest delivery of Electric cars in first quarter of 2022, he is also in headlines for buying the most shares of Twitter.

The US security filing assures that Musk is now the owner of 9.2% stake in social media platform, the Twitter. This also improved the Twitter Share trading on Monday by 27% in New York. As per the statements, Musk is the owner of 73,486,938 shares of Twitter. To bear in mind that Jack Dorsey, who is founder of Twitter, owns less shares than Musk. In fact, Musk has the highest shares in Twitter whose worth according to Friday Stake Prices has been $2.89bn (£2.2bn).

Musk is of course on Twitter, regularly interacts with his 80 million followers. he does has official account on Facebook, yet has most followers on Twitter. Musk has been seen very active on Twitter. He share details of his companies Tesla, SpaceX and Neuralink. We love the way Musk is active on Social media platform sharing the trending memes.

People speculate Musk will either bring changes in Twitter or would be making a new social media platform. Here is a tweet by Elon Musk regarding free speech:

However, Musk is also a part of media controversy, and Musk has been active in replying to them like a boss. In 2020 UN-WFP claims that world hunger problems can be solved by 2% of Musk’s wealth. Musk claims that he would forgo¬† $6bn in Tesla stock and donate it to the WFP, yet needs to see hunger problems solved!

New Social media platform or a better regulated twitter? Lets see what Musk delivers!

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