Facebook Hashtag: New Testing Using Metrics Within Post Composer

Facebook Hashtag: New Testing Using Metrics Within Post Composer

Facebook is an American based social media company. All over the world, there are millions of Facebook users present. Today Facebook has made the whole world a global village. The users make their own profile with an identity and can join a lot of communities, groups, pages, and Facebook hashtag trending posts. This all provides a platform for a user to express their feelings emotions and experiences openly with the entire world. Facebook also allows you to make friends of your interest. Once you have made a friend then you can also do Messenger chats and video calls and many more with them.

What is Hashtag?

A hashtag is a word that starts with a number sign “#”. It is a type of metadata tag mostly trending on social media networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, etc.

It helps the user to search the content and posts on a specific theme or keyword that he/she writes with a hash “#” sign. Users use hashtags by adding hashtags at the beginning of a word. When you search that word with a hashtag the search engine gives you all the relevant results to that keyword.

For example, you have posted a picture of an off-road jeep with “#off-roading” in the caption. When a user searches about off-roading with the hashtag the search engine will show all the results related to off-roading including the picture you have posted.

Facebook Hashtag Metrics

As we know Facebook also owns Instagram. There is a trend of using hashtags to promote posts and content mostly on Instagram and Twitter.

Following the trend, Facebook also introduced the hashtag metrics on its platform. Facebook is also expanding the tests of its hashtag stats to its post composer recommending relevant tags to add in your post.

On Twitter, a social media platform ”┬áSocial media industry commentator + consultant” tweeted about it as;

New! Facebook shows the hashtag usage metric in-line as you type when you create a new post.

Matt navarra

As soon as you write a post and put a hashtag you will see the tags relevant to your post. You will not only see the top tags based on predictive text but you will also see the number of posts already using that tag. It is very similar to Instagram’s search listing which also shows the use of the hashtag in search suggestion.

Hashtag Importance

Considering the significance of hashtag, Facebook has also introduced to show the hashtag usage metrics in-line when you start to create posts in the newsfeed. This feature allows you to not only witness the top trending hashtags but also allows you to see the post count on each tag.

Many of the instagrammers and marketing accounts check the most trending tags and post count always before they post. This enables them to expand their reach to more people in case they are following the hashtag trend.

Facebook Hashtag Metrics For Marketers

As Facebook owns Instagram. It has also started this hashtag metrics in its parent platform. This may be a trick to get back its non active users that were using other social media platforms. To promote themselves or their business. As Facebook is a platform with a huge amount of data in it for its users. People can now explore easily what they want using hashtag search.

If you own a business and you are a marketer who wants to promote their products. You must take the advantage of hashtag posting. You will be able to post with hashtags and expand your reach. You can see the post count to make strategy of hashtag that you have to use to promote your product.


From the article above we can conclude that the world is transforming quickly. As a result people are following trends heavily. There is a lot of advantage for marketers to sell their products using hashtags. They can promote them digitally with no cost on social media.

There are many examples that people have developed a successful business with the help of social media. If you are thinking to start such a business this platform will be a great help for you.