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Google AI lets you create videos from webpages automatically

The researcher on Google has published a paper that contains many details of the new AI. This describes how the new Google AI video creation can automatically develop the video of the given webpage. Let’s suppose we have a website that we want an investor to pitch it and make it running. This helps the user to avoid making large presentations. Now, Google will make it for the user. The user has to just give the webpage as input. Google will automatically collect important things and make a video to explain it.

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How Google AI video creation works?

google AI video creation automatically

Google AI will first extract the Document Object Model (DOM) as information. Which also extracts the media on the webpage. This AI then crawls on the website to extract the key components from the webpage to include in the video. To work in this scenario the webpage must have the proper hierarchical structure. If the structure is not proper the AI will not be able to identify the important things from the content.

After getting the necessary information AI sorts out the media and information according to its priority. Headings and media have a higher priority score. The purpose of the score is to make the video as concise as possible. After all the extraction and sorting, the AI itself arranges all the things in the video. In the end, it exports it as a MPEG format.

This tool allows the user to preview the video. Which helps the user can set or customize the things according to their desire. In the preview, section the user has the ability to customize the design. Users can reorder things to make them more presentable.


As we know Artificial Intelligence is developing and getting fame day by day. This Ai model will be very useful for the users to make their presentations from a web page. It will also help the page owner to promote their page by making small videos. As a result, this AI method is a great feature in the era of technology.