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New Google AI Flood Prediction App with 75% Precision

Google has introduced a flood prediction software in India and Bangladesh. This application works on the model and algorithms of Machine learning which is part of Artificial intelligence. Read the post below to know more details about google AI Flood Prediction software.

Machine learning

Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is a method through which a system can automatically learn from the past experience without being explicitly programmed. It is a program that can reach to the data by its own. This is how we use it and also learn from it to overcome errors in future.

In this type of learning method we deal with the calculations of data. The experiences in past and commands train the machine in taking decision in future. Computer automatically learns to take decisions according to algorithm. The computer or machine takes the best decision according to previous experiences.

AI Flood App Covers India and Bangladesh

India is the world’s second largest nation according to population. India’s flood casualties are more than 20% to that of the world. As a result many homes are destroyed every year whereas many are partially damaged.

In 2018 Google started a volunteer initiative. In this step it decided to develop a Google AI Flood Prediction app. The cause of this application is to give the flood prediction to the people. Google firstly started it from Patna because it is the most effected state from floods in history. During last few years it has a death rate of more than 100. Due to this Google started an application which gives the accurate real time flooding situation to the people of different areas.

Moreover the company’s model examines the previous flood data collected from different river basins and similarly from the different rivers from all over the world. In addition Google is not working alone on this project. They have installed automatic electronic sensors that send data to the authorities automatically.

Partner for Development of Google AI Flood App

The company has also partnered up with the water development board of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there are more floods than any other country. In this application the job is to provide life changing information to the users.

Aim of Google AI Based Flood App

The aim is to send information to people in India and Bangladesh beforehand where floods are frequent. According to a study it is an examination that it can protect about 200 million people across more than 250,000 km. But in Bangladesh the number is doubled. It can deliver information to about 40 million people in Bangladesh. This model is going to extend to the whole nation.

Moreover, the application is able to tell about the depth of the flood water. This includes when and how much water is going to increase in the area of user. The application is developed in 7 different local languages includes Hindi Bengali and other languages. It is tested that it predict with 75% precision. AI Flood app also gives the Message alerts to the user about water rises.


In Conclusion, this application is very useful to the people. It can be extended to other developing countries where floods cause damage frequently. It will be useful save the people of the third world countries from floods and help decrease the casualties that occur in every monsoon season especially in Asia.