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Google Maps Got a Colorful Upgrade

Google maps were created and launched for the very first time on February 8, 2005. It was the desktop version, since smartphone culture was not that common. The purpose of creators was to guide the travelers to quench their wanderlust. 

Now, after a decade and a half google maps is the most trustworthy source of directions. It is used by common people daily. 

Features of Google Map

Google maps offer a 360-degree panoramic street view. It also shows the current traffic situations of an area. So, you can see how the roads of another nation are doing. Google maps also offer Arial view and street view. A layman of Afghanistan can peek into the streets of London.

Colorful Upgrade of Google Map

Recently on August 18th 2020 google launched the updated version of google maps. Google maps are now more colorful according to the physical features of a particular area. 

Since 15 years, Google Map kept on evolving. Latest innovation in the app is that the physical features like forests are mapped with dark green color. A patch of shrubbs is mapped with light green. The deserts and dry lands is mapped with light brown color. 

How Colors Work On Google Maps?

Most of us know that Google map covers almost 98% of the total area of the earth, it covers 220 countries. So, it means we have the most precise picture of the world through Google Maps.

First of all the satellite images are classified as physical features. Either mountains, glaciers, water, grasslands and desserts. Then, a specific color is assigned to each group from a wide range of colors. 

Then these colors with specific shades are applied through certain algorithms to the entire map. As a result of these algorithms updated version of google map, have a more clear and appealing picture of the earth. 

The appealing features an upgraded version of google maps

In the recent version, google map shows a detailed and precise picture of the earth. The colors intuitively blends according to the physical features. 

This map gives a trace of terrains, it can discriminate sandy beach from shrubby patches of vegetation. And a viewer can easily differentiate among mountains and hills. It has colored boundaries for all the national parks and other huge spaces. 

google map got feature update

It is believed that in few months google map will be upgraded to an extent where pavements and crosswalks will be marked for pedestrians and bikers. Such innovation in technology is useful for a layman.


On 18th August 2020 Google launched an upgraded version of google map which has several features. Google maps intuitively used various shades of colors to present a detailed picture of the earth. 

For example; gradation of green for densities of vegetation. Dark green for forest light green for shrubby patches. White for ice caps. Light brown for desserts and rocky lands (depending upon the density). 

Sooner the google map will launch an upgrade with a detailed view of pavements and sidewalks. Google map will also mark the crosswalks for the citizens. For travelers, innovation is surely a dream come true.