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How has technology revolutionized Cricket?

Being a 90’s kid (Gen Z to be precise), I have seen technological changes throughout my life. I have seen dialer phones to bar phones to latest Smart phones. I must say I am impressed. However, what has impressed me is also how technology has revolutionized cricket and how it is revolutionizing it.

So here is how Cricket has seen technological evolution and how it is changing the game for better! Before i began, let me tell you that the idea of writing this was given by a crying boy playing street cricket, saying he wished for same technology as international cricket! As he is sure he is not Out!

  1. Manual Scoreboards to Electronic Scoreboards

    Today we see very eye-catching  scoreboards. thrilling announcements like Not-out/Out and of-course we see sponsorships.

    A modern cricket scoreboard

    In past the scoreboards were black and white. the digits and names were placed manually. And they weren’t even updated as fast as these ones. So yes, Scoreboards have changed over time!

    an old scoreboard, PC: Getty images

  2. Gun, Speedometer

    the latest technology allows to estimate the most appropriate ball speed. In past, the basic formula was being used to do so, which relied on calculating speed by time, which was very tough and inappropriate.

  3. The DLS method to determine a winner

    Well, in crucial matches, rains are also crucial. It rains every time a match is at an interesting point. With rains in schedule, matches have to end. In past, both the teams shared the trophy. While now, we have the DLS method. The  Duckworth Lewis Stern Method, has its own odds. But is acceptable by ICC and is used widely. It is a mathematical formula to determine the rate of chase of the batting team. Its applications starts from 1999.

    DLS method for a match
  4. Spider Cams

    The details of the match are the most precious ones. the expressions of the batsman when they hit a six, the expression of bowler when they attain a wicket become fan most loved moments. They are captured by the use of spider cams. The spider cams are floating wired cameras that move both vertically and horizontally.

  5. Led bails, led stumps and stump cams

    Lets be honest, the new LED bails and Stumps are so good. They have sensitive sensors that switch on their light as soon as they get hit. In past, there was always an issue too know if the ball had hit the stumps, weather the batsman reached first or did the ball hit the stumps first. Did the wicket keepers “Stumped” the batsmen or not! They are expensive, yet worth it!

    how has technology revolutionized cricket?
    Led bails, PC: BBC

    Also,  a stump cam allows to have a closer look into the stumps and also allows to catch up the voice if it actually stumped.

    Super Sooper

    A Super Sooper is a rain drying machine. It allows to dry the pitch which is moist due to rain. Australia uses Sooper. Its cost hinders developing countries to use it. in Past? There was nothing. People always give credit to ashes series of 90’s where the spectators came with hair dryers and towels to dry the pitch!

    A super sooper clearing field for Ashes, PC getty

7. Flood Lights, Cameras and Mics range

In past, there were no matches in the night. However, the flood lights allow players to play at night without an issue. they can clearly see ball and do not have vision issues.

how has technology revolutionized cricket?
Flood lights, PC: ICC fan page

Also cameras and mics are revolutionizing cricket. Often capturing interesting moments and talks!


Shane Watson enjoying victory!

8. Third Umpire

We now have unbias third umpire who are having all sorts of technology to determine if the decision is right. Or if its a six, out or others. They use the latest Hawk-eye, to determine LBW. We also have HotSpot for ultra-edge!

How has technology revolutionized cricket?

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