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How to Chromecast from MacBook to TV?

Anyone using Mac or MacBook pro devices, may want to cast it to a bigger display. Casting Macbook to TV is very easy using a Chromecast. It shares the screen display of mac to TV.

Chrome cast is a cheap little device. This device is an easy way for streaming from different sources and set up your screen display to TV or mobile screens.

How to Chromecast from MAC?

Plug the chrome cast device in HDMI cable or any projector. Set up the device installation process. Download google home to setup the device which needs to be connected. Either it be your phone or tablet set it up.

Secondly, install google chrome browser also known as “chromecast”. After its successful installation check for setting through 3-dotted option in upper right corner of browser.

Choose the “cast” option from the list. The chrome cast icon will appear in toolbar. Select the “always show icon” option from there.

How to Chromecast MacBook to TV from Google Chrome tab?

If you want content from google chrome tab to Chromecast on other device: its easy! User must select the drop down menu from “cast to” option present at middle top of your screen.

The selected option will open the “select source” menu with lots of options. Select the appropriate option as mentioned below.

chromecast macbook to tv

Similarly, any desktop file, folder or display can easily be cast. Especially, cast macbook to TV simply.

Any device can be connected easily through this device without worrying about long wires etc. All you need is a device and WiFi connection on devices.

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