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How to Get Microsoft Word for Free

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Microsoft is a tech related multi-national company. Its headquarters is in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft office offers free versions for word, Microsoft excel, one-note and power point. All of these office apps are the same one which we used on our computers. You can use these apps online for free.

microsoft word for free

What is Microsoft word?

Microsoft word is a word processing program that helps the user to type and edit document. It is a software by the company Microsoft. It helps the user to save the document to computer memory. MS word also have different helpful Features. These tools helps the user to edit and style the document to look more efficient.

It allows the user following feature;

  • Grammar and spell checker
  • Voice recognition
  • Tables
  • Print
  • Dictionary and many more that a user needs to for formatting of a document

Getting Word Online

Getting a Microsoft word for free is a dream for every user. MS Word is a program that is necessary for every office in the world. It is the basic need of Computer users. It allows you to view, copy and edit texts files but you have to buy it. If you don’t want to buy then you can use it as a free version.

MS word for free

Microsoft Word For Free Browser Version

the easiest way to use the Microsoft word in free is to use online version. The only thing u need to do is to have a Microsoft account and login from it and you are free to use Microsoft word.

With this online account you can edit word documents for free. Those documents can be edit that are saved on one drive. You can create new document and upload old one from your account. This is possible without any need of offline Microsoft word.

Online version of word can save the work by its own. There is no need for any type of pressing save button. User is able to share the document very easily through a link. With this free online version you can do every thing that we can do with offline paid version.

Free Word for Students: By EDU Email

If you are a student trail version is not good for you. There is the main issue of trail version is that it is for limited time. After the time is over you are not able to use it. If you are a student than you have to use for a long time. For such candidate Microsoft offer free account on education mail.

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