How to send message to yourself on WhatsApp? Detail with pictures


Do you sometimes really want to send a message to yourself on WhatsApp? Well, for me there had been several times I had wished to send files and pictures to myself on WhatsApp yet it wasn’t possible.  Yet the new WhatsApp feature allows you send a message to yourself.

So now you can save files and pictures by sending them to your own WhatsApp number. Here is a complete guide to it for both Web and Mobile Application:

  • Install WhatsApp application laptop, Computer or the Mobile.
  • Open up your browser (Chrome etc) and in the address bar type, without giving a space add your mobile number along with the country code.
  • For instance, in Pakistan the code is 92 and therefor the in the address bar I typed

    Address bar, Chrome

  • Now you will be able to see your phone number on the top and a box that reads, “Continue to Chat”. Click on that box.
  • Now  send files, pictures and messages to yourself

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