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How To Set Homepage On Macbook Air?

Usually any browser on your device needs a static homepage. Home page is considered as the first website that shows upon your entry in to browser. To set homepage on Macbook read the mentioned steps below in the article.

Browser in Mac and Iphone

Mac or Macbook Air both use Safari to browse. By default Safari uses tabs of favorites sites to show on main page.

At the time when you open Safari, you can pick any page you like to show on the launching Safari. For example, you start with a Google search, set Google’s page as your default. If you open the mail as a first thing when you go online, command Safari to go to your supplier’s web page. Only apple uses safari in its IOS systems.

home page on safari

How to set homepage on MacBook?

Here’s a look at how you can set your favorite homepage on Mac.

First, Open Safari on your Mac. To open it click the blue safari icon from the deck. You can also use search navigation for it.

google home page

Secondly, select Safari from the menu bar and choose Preferences from the drop down menu.

setting mac homepage

Select the General tab on the preferences screen. Then select “set to current page”. This button changes the current written web page as the default opening page on safari.

set current site as home page url

Next to Homepage, type the URL that you want to set as the Safari homepage. You can set google homepage for your default search.

Also, you can change your homepage to set in your default favorite tab. you have to select the option “new windows open with” in this case.

how to set google homepage

A drop down list opens up. You can select the “homepage” option here. This enables your homepage URL in your favorites list when you open your browser.

set any site on safari default

Lastly, Exit the General preferences window to save your changes.

Set the Safari Homepage on an iPhone

It is not similar to set home page that is like on Safari on the desktop. But, you can add a web page link to your device’s Home screen and open it to go directly to that page. Follow the below steps to set homepage on Iphone.

  • Firstly, Tap the Safari icon on the iPhone Home screen to open the browser.
  • Open the web page you want to use as a Safari shortcut.
  • Tap Sharing (square with an arrow) at the bottom of the web page to display the Sharing options.
  • Scroll up on the sharing screen to see more options.
  • Add to Home Screen.
  • Accept the suggested name or change it, and tap Add to create the shortcut.
  • Now, you can tap the shortcut instead of opening Safari to always start at the site you chose.

Final words

The post explains the detailed process of how you can set you home page in Iphone, Mac and Macbook pro or any other Apple IOS devices.

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