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How to take screenshot on Dell?

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To take a screenshot on dell devices such as dell desktop, laptop or tablet, there is an easy way to capture the image by pressing a single key. Its a shortcut key present on dell keyboard that takes the screenshot of entire window. The screenshot image can then be used by pasting in to MS word or MS Paint.

Method for Windows 8 and 10

Most of the Dell PC’s have a print screen button that command the computer to take screenshot in a easy way. This takes the photo of the whole screen that you are seeing on your display screen. After taking the screenshot it is present in the clipboard. Once it is copied on clipboard then you can save it in system or paste it anywhere you want.

If you would prefer to take screenshot of a part of a screen then snipping tool is preferred. We will teach you how to take screenshot on Dell Laptop or computer by keyboard.

To take the screenshot follow the given steps;

  • Move to the page you need to take screenshot. When you take screenshot whole screen is captured except the mouse pointer. Task bar is also included in the screenshot.
  • See the “PRT SCR” Button on the keyboard. This button is generally present on the upper right side of the keyboards. Like other keyboards Printscreen button usually doesn’t have any thing else written.
  • The “Print Screen” button can be written in many different ways. “PrtSc” and “Prnt Scr” are the most common that you will see.
take screenshot on dell
  • Locate the windows key that is usually in the bottom most row of windows computer. The window key have windows logo on it.
  • Press the Windows and PrtScr button at a time . When you press both buttons the screen will be dim for a while. This will show that screenshot is captured. If the screen is not dim then keep pressing the windows button and press the PrtScr button again.

How to See the Screenshot

If you want to see the screenshots you would have to follow the steps given below;

  • Open the start menu . The start menu can be opened by pressing the windows button on keyboard or by clicking on windows button on task bar.
  • Go to the search bar in the start menu.
  • Search for screenshot folder. When you write screenshots in search bar a folder will appear named as screenshots.
  • Click the folder and open it. There you will find the screenshots labeled with date and time.