How to take Screenshot on  Mac?

How to take Screenshot on Mac?

The MacBook is a product of Macintosh Laptop computer by Apple. It has other known as PowerBook and iBook. The present models that are in market are MacBook Air MacBook Pro. If you bought a new mac or a new user to it and you don’t know How to take screenshot on Macbook. It will take a while to learn how to take screenshot.

The screenshot taking is a very wonderful option. It can be use to make records. You can make records of your online shopping receipts and tickets or any appointment. Screenshot can be save as a record. This record can be use in any worst case of mismanagement.

On a Mac you can take screenshot of pictures rather downloading them to save time. Then you can use that screenshot whenever you need .

There are different ways to take a screenshot on Mac. Follow the following steps to make screenshots on your mac if you don’t know.

How to Screenshot part of your screen on Macbook?

To make a screenshot of a desired part of screen rather than the whole screen follow the steps below.

First of all press command+shift+4 on your key board. Press all the keys at the same time.

Now click and drag the cursor shown as target icon and select the part of the screen you want to take screenshot. When the right part of screen is selected release the mouse button. The Mac will make camera shutter sound. Know the screenshot is ready.

A preview picture will occur at the right bottom corner of the screen. After some seconds the preview will disappear and the picture will be save on desktop.

The picture will be available with name as Screenshot with the date and time.

If in the middle of selecting the screen you feel that you have selected the wrong part. Press the Escape button to cancel the screenshot. No picture will be save.

How to screenshot a particular window on Mac?

Taking screenshot of window is also a very easy as like the above. To take the screenshot of particular window follow the following steps.

First of all press command+shift+4 on your key board. Press all the keys at the same time as done before.

how to take screenshot on macbook

When you will see the target button press the space bar it will convert target button to camera icon.

Move the camera button on any menu, window, bar or your dock and click to take screenshot. The window will turn up blue when you move the camera icon on to it.

Your Screenshot will appear on the desktop named as Screenshot with date and time. Once the screenshot is saved you can rename it whatever you want.

How to screenshot your whole screen on Mac?

Press Command+shift+3 on your keyboard. Whole of the screen that you are seeing including tool bar at the top of the screen, dock will be taken as screenshot. It will be save on your desktop.

how to screenshot on macbook

Final Words

All three above methods are use to take different type of screenshot in Mac. Its important for user to learn every method of “How to take screenshot on Macbook”. So that In all three methods screenshots are save on desktop with the name of screenshot date and time as a default label. But you can change it any time.

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