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How to Use Google Drive at Desktop or PC

Google is a famous browsing platform all over the world. Every other user on the internet uses Google chrome to search for the queries. While other browsers such as Mozilla, Firefox, Opera are also available. Anyone who has used Chrome may have known that google offers Google Drive Storage. It is known as one of the best cloud storage solution.

Now, you may be thinking how google drive works? Then, Not to worry. In this post below, we have a detailed guide of how to use Google drive, how drive works or how to sync google drive with your PC?

What is Google Drive?

Chrome Drive is a famous cloud storage, it saves your data by syncing with your PC. Google programmed this Drive synchronization. It was first launched in 2012. Users can store, sync and share their files. Drive works when a user uploads its files such as images, PDF, words etc to a remote server known as cloud. This process saves up your space on PC hard drive. It will free your gaming space too :p

There are many other benefits other than only traditional storage. The huge benefit of syncing your file to storage is that you can access them anywhere in the world. You just need a good internet connection and credentials to login. Also, anything can be shared easily with group of people online.

google drive

Google Drive Pricing

Traditionally, Google Drive is free for everyone like 0$ per year. A user just needs a gmail account to use the drive. By signing up on your gmail account user will automatically get 15 GB storage. Drive is considered as one of best free cloud storage due to its no cost starting plan.

User can save and share anything in your cloud. That’s why user may need to upgrade its storage plan. Luckily, Drive prices are not high and every other user can afford it. Different Pricing packages are available according to user’s needs. Below is the pricing details for drive;

Starting prices are $1.99/month for 100 GB, $2.99/month for 200 GB. While, $19.99 for a 100 GB yearly plan. For 2 TB storage you need to pay $9.99/Month. To see Visually details check the below image:

google drive pricing

How to add Google drive?

To work on the drive, firstly users need to make an account on it. At any browser open google drive site and sign up there. User can save, share and use it online directly through website.

Guide to Download and install drive

However, To use it on desktop installation is a must. Users can download and install drive on their PC and MAC.

For downloading just write “drive for Mac/ Drive for PC” in google search bar. Also, drive can be downloaded to Mobile phones via play store.

A downloading will start by the name of “installbackupandsync.exe” in your browser’s bottom corner.

When the installation is complete, a pop up window will open. Click the “close” button there.

Drive window should be on your screen. Click on the button provided as “get started”.

Enter your Gmail id and tap next. Select all the appropriate options including sync preferences of your computer folders. This will sync automatically. At the last window, press “start button”.

When you complete the download of the drive it will make a folder in your computer with the name of Google drive. Also, a shortcut has been made in your desktop.

Sync Google Drive with Your PC

It is easy to use drive when you sync your desktop folders with it. It will automatically save everything you put in your computer folder to the drive. Hence , it will save your time and effort of saving items online.

Follow this guideline to sync your desktop to google drive.

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