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How to use the Magic Wand tool on Adobe Illustrator?

The magic wand is one of the many tools available in Adobe Illustrator. Magic Wand helps you select all of the same objects at once. Adobe Illustrators’ editing library is filled with vast editing tools which help graphic designers do their work with efficiency, today our blog will tell you how to use the Magic Wand tool on Adobe Illustrator.

I find it very useful use when I have to delete background colors or change them, it helps me quickly as I can select all the colors I want to change or delete.

Where Is the Magic Wand tool located in Adobe Illustrator?

It is very simple and easy to use the magic wand tool, all you have to do is find the magic wand tool from the toolbar, or if you cannot locate it, it’s simple you can activate it using your keyboard shortcut “ Y “ and click the select object.

AI magic wand

If you are using the basic toolbar on Adobe Illustrator, you may not find the magic wand tool in the toolbar, you can switch to the advanced toolbar where you will be able to locate the Magic Wand tool. To switch to the advanced toolbar, you need to go to Window > Toolbar > Advanced.

It is recommended that you open the magic wand panel as it will help you to change attributes and set the tolerance level of attributes to your choice, and how you want to use it. You can easily open the panel from the overhead menu Window > Magic Wand.

Tolerance is the number of items you allow to select if you want to select an item with tolerance 1 it will only select the items with the same attributes and leave the rest, this helps in filtering out things you need.

Let’s see an example of how to use the Magic Wand tool on Adobe Illustrator.

How to use the Magic Wand tool?

Before we further succeed on how to use the Magic Wand tool in Adobe Illustrator, keep in mind that the tool only works with vectors and not raster images. If your magic wand tool is not working your image might be a raster image but don’t worry you can convert an image from raster to vector.

First, select any artwork that you want to edit. Now, select the magic wand tool and fill in the tolerance for example you have set the tolerance to 1, The magic wand will automatically choose the same tolerance and the specific colors that you wanted from the artwork will be selected.

magic wand tool

If you increase the tolerance level for example you increase the tolerance level to 20 more shades of the color will be selected.

magic wand tool

You can either change the color or delete it to add a new one. The same rule applies to Stroke color. Always remember, the more tolerance you increase the more colors will be selected from the artwork.

This method can also be used to delete the backgrounds of any image.

magic wand tool

How to delete the Background?

The idea is to select the background color using the magic wand and hit the delete button, but depending on how many background colors a picture has can have different effects and these effects can change the result.

If the image has only one color in its background it may be really simple you just have to hit the tolerance level to 0 select the background color and press the delete button. If your image has different colors you may have to change the tolerance to completely remove the background, it is really easy just a little complicated.

The shadows of the image can also be deleted using this same method first select and then delete.

What else can be done with Adobe Illustrator’s Magic Wand?

You can use the magic wand in many ways, you can even select based on your attributes. There are different attribute options available. The opacity can be measured by percentage, and the stroke weight is measured by pt.

If you want to select objects based on opacity, you just have to select the opacity option. And set the desired tolerance level that you want to use for your artwork.

For example, if you want to select an object with an opacity of 4 percent, select the magic tool and it will select the items with 4 percent opacity.

So, this is all you can do to use the magic wand tool in Adobe Illustrator. If you want to deselect any option which you have chosen from the magic wand you just have to simply hold the (Options key for mac users) (Alt key for window users) and click again and your selected items will be deselected.

Wrapping it up!

Adobe Illustrator is an interesting and fun app to use. It is available in Adobe Illustrator makes it even easier to use Adobe Illustrator. If this is your first time using the app don’t forget to use the magic wand tool. This concludes our blog on how to use the Magic Wand tool on Adobe Illustrator.

There are many tools on Adobe Illustrator that you need to master to be a perfect Graphic designer and the Magic Wand tool is one of them, it is the most basic and efficient tool that has its important to any graphic designer who is using Adobe Illustrator.

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