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Huawei Gets another setback, Canada bans Huawei from 5G networks

Canada imposes ban on Huawei and ZTE for 5G network

Canada tells that it asks two of the Chinese biggest telecom equipment makers from making 5G phone networks. The news comes in on Thursday.

It is now confirmed by the Canada’s Minister of Industries, Francois-Philippe Champagne . In a brief statement he tells that Huawei and ZTE are to face restrictions. He says that it is for the safety and security of people of Canada.


What does Canada plans next?

Canada is not the only country putting restrictions on the Chinese telecom giants. They are following the UK, US, new Zealand and Australia.

Canada, along these countries is coming up with an  intelligence-sharing arrangement. They call it the Five Eyes. Five eyes and alliance  of these countries comes as a result of the Cold War. This shall allow them to monitor the Soviet Union. They will also use it for sharing information that is classified.  These 5 countries are now imposing restrictions and complete ban on Huawei and ZTE from their 5G networks.

Champagne further briefs that this will protect the infrastructure of Canada. In a world of 5G, we shall rely more on our network.  This is why the telecom industry of Canada will not be using 5G equipment made by Huawei and 5G.

As the demand for 5G networks is high, and there are few companies who have installed Huawei and ZTE networks. These companies shall remove it. they cannot use it.

Huawei’s reaction to the ban

Huawei does not gives out an official statement. it has not even condemn the ban. However, the ban was in speculation. as other countries were doing so. Also, Canada in 2018 has already announced review on Huawei equipment.

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