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I cloud Drive – Free Storage Solution and Its Price

A Cloud Drive is a web based service that allows users to store their data on the given storage space. Cloud drives are very useful for backing up data. They can be used remotely to access your data anywhere any time. A cloud drive provider allows limited amount of storage capacity to the user. However, additional space can be provided by monthly or yearly fee. It allows a user to sync or store data and other devices without any expense of extra hard drives. The service provider is responsible for data security, providing servers and to provide easy access to data.

I cloud drive

Apple is a company that is making reforms in technology day by day. It is introducing new technology for its users at a very advance level. Moreover Apple doesn’t depend on other companies to run its devices. It provides each and every service to its users on its own. Likewise its own operating system IOS also has its own cloud drive.

How I cloud drive works?

iCloud is the cloud drive service provided by Apple. With this facility you can store your files and important data on a cloud storage. It allows you to store all formats of files. On the other hand you can access these files from their website or from the Files app on your Apple device. It Seems to be Complicated but it is not so hard to get.

What is iCloud Drive?

ICloud Drive is a part of Apple’s service known as iCloud. This service was launched in 2011. The service allows the user to save photos, videos, documents and other data to the cloud storage. It gives you the option to store all of your stuff in one place and give you access to all Apple devices.

Updating iCloud Drive

The user should keep in mind that Apple is always updating the application. This is because it is fixing bugs regularly and adding new features for ease of the user.

For example, the update 13.4 Allows iCloud drive folder sharing feature. It is a feature like Dropbox that shares the file once and all the other sharing partners will see changes in real-time.

iCloud storage Capacity

Any file of any format can be saved in iCloud. The only restriction is file should be less than 50GB. Moreover, when you sign up you get free space of 5GB for mails, backup and iCloud Drive.

iCloud storage pricing

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