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iWhatsApp: Set automatic replies for WhatsApp Messenger

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Automatic replies are a handy feature when it comes to marketing your businesses on social media platforms or online. Whether, its Facebook messenger or Instagram Messages, they have this awesome feature for businesses. But when it comes to WhatsApp customer dealing, A person may need to be active 24/7 on the platform to reply to the queries of customers. Hence, it becomes a difficult job to do but now you can solve the problem by just using iWhatsapp setup. It sends automatic replies to your customer when you are away from your account.

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What is iWhatsApp?

iWhatsApp is a jailbreak tweak that was launched by iOS developer MeBlackHat also called iAutoreply. It helps the user to set an auto-reply to the incoming messages when the user is not available or online. It can also help the user when the user cannot reply immediately to the incoming messages. The new application iWhatsApp by MeBlackHat works the same as the original tweak. With this, a user can set a specific message for the sender when it is unable to send a reply. This tweak allows you to send a message sent by the user as a response in the absence of the user.

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Features of iWhatsApp

Automatic reply on whatsapp by iwhatsapp
  • This Tweak allows a user to enable or disable iWhatsApp on the requirement of the user
  • Tweak works all over the world for every contact on the WhatsApp application
  • The user can enable or disable the automatic replies as per its demand
  • Set a message reply that everyone will get when they will message you
  • User can set the delay time in seconds after which the reply will be sent
  • Automatic reply sending on the basis of the word match
  • User chooses a word
  • App replies automatically upon word selected by the user that appears in an incoming message
  • The owner can set delay in seconds on word matching message
  • End-user has the right to customize the reply for a specific number on WhatsApp
  • User can also exclude contacts or blacklist them to exclude from iWhatsApp

There is an option for users to make iWhatsApp feature to activate and deactivate when users wish. We can have access to this function with the help of the built-in Control Center toggle. The main feature of iWhatsaap is that it gives an option to the user to use global or per-contact response. This feature helps the user to separate formal and informal messages among its business and friends and family contacts saved. This is the way that user contacts do not feel ignored.

iWhatsApp costs

After the launch, there are many people who want to use this tweak. Anyone can download this tweak for $2.39 from the Twickd repository. This tweak supports IOS 12 and 13 devices that are jailbroken. To get the best and proper results users should have a WhatsApp application.