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LinkedIn Analytics Tool: A Much Needed Tool In App

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In this era of technology to work constantly and effectively updating the social media profile is mandatory. Moreover, To make the portfolio it is important to use such platforms. On social media platforms, Linkedin is one of the famous business and employment-oriented services provider. Thus, it is very important for businesses to keep a check on how their business is growing. That’s why Linkedin is working on a “Linkedin Analytics tool” in mobile App to use that daily with ease of access.

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LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a very highly professional social media platform for career-oriented people and job searches. As a result, many users are seeking this service for a long time now for job searching. Similarly, a high number of Businesses are working hard on their portfolios on Linkedin Profile. Even “Linkedin Optimization” is another term that is used by social media marketers to enhance your presence on this Platform.

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New Analytics Tool For LinkedIn App

Alessandro Paluzzi a well-known mobile developer says that LinkedIn is making progress to upgrade its application. It will be possible for the users to check their page analytics from the LinkedIn application.

He also attached some screenshots with his recent tweet on Twitter. These screenshots show how Linkedin Analytics Tool will look like.

use linkedin analytic in app

On this page, the user will see how many people are following the user. The user can also see how many people followed him in the last 30 days.

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No doubt that giving all the analytics in such a way is an easy approach for use. This method to view analytics without having a log will make things easier for the user.


As we know that LinkedIn is all about contacts and communication. If the user gets such things to figure out the activities of other people on your page. This will make the users connect with each other easily. These things will help you out to stay present on the platform.