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Meet the Samsung Bot Handy-designed for household chores!

There is no doubt that Samsung has been amazing us with its amazing technological revolution. It is always innovative and leading the race of technology. By far, we know Samsung for its smartphones and other home appliances, however, one of the greatest innovative breakthrough is the Samsung Bot Handy.

What is Samsung Bot Handy?

The Samsung Bot Handy is Samsung’s latest development in AI and robotics technology! it was launched on the CESS 2021 themed “Digital Meet Physicals” by Samsung for the showcase. This is the future of the homes where the AI equipped robots would take over the house chores.

Bot Handy, Picture courtesy Samsung

In the demonstration the tech company was able to proudly introduce its tech trio: an AI equipped Avatar and two types of companion robots. these companion robots are named as theĀ  Samsung Bot i and the Samsung Bot Handy.

What Tasks can it do?

The Samsung Bot Handy is a mobile robot that can move and sense things along. Its quality sensors and AI development ensure that it won’t hit itself in the wall or get tripped over an object. It can pick objects, analyze the environment and surroundings and recognize the objects around.

So it is designed to help one with Household chores like putting in and out dishes from dishwasher, putting in the laundry, making tea and wine, and many more. It can also clean the house and make the room tidy.
For more information on tasks, performance clicks here.

Bot Handy pouring wine

How does Bot Handy Function?

the latest embedded technology of the Bot Handy allows to be a multitasker by the three key features: Dexterous Manipulation through robot arm/hand and control, General Object Handling using a combination of AI and grasping, and Extended Workspace in 3D space through mobility and elevation.

it has a great monitoring feature which will help it detect a transparent object or even a string. Thereby, Samsung markets it as a trusted partner.

Can I order it?

So far, you may, depending on the location. However, it is costly. Its price is $2,699. You cant find it on many product lists for Samsung sales nor at many Samsung stores. Nonetheless, it is there and under the marketing phase.

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