You are currently viewing New features of WhatsApp. 10 upcoming features of WhatsApp.

New features of WhatsApp. 10 upcoming features of WhatsApp.

New features of WhatsApp are rolling out soon. You need to know how these new features of Whatsapp are and how useful they can be for you!

The instant messaging platform is constantly improving and trying to add new features to further enhance the user’s experience.It rolled out the latest features in May 2022 and now in 2023, it has rolled out even better ones!

The messaging service WhatsApp is owned by meta, which is constantly trying to improve its features and add new ones so that users can have a comfortable time using the app. As the world is advancing users demand new features so the team of WhatsApp has to take some steps, by adding new features and improving the previous ones.

New features of WhatsApp added!

Recently WhatsApp announced its users to update the app on android and iOS to experience the new features. The new features included.

·        Document Caption

You can now attach a caption to a document when sending it to the receiver, this will help the receiver understand the message Easily.

·        Longer Group Subjects and Description

To better describe or understand the group you can now add long names and descriptions to your group.

·        Share up to 100 Media Files

You can now share 100 images or videos within your chat all at once, it will be easier to share images or videos with your loved ones or family.

·        Create Personalized Avatars

It is better to express yourself with an avatar in your picture. You can now create a personalized avatar and use it as you want.

new features of whatsapp

Upcoming features of WhatsApp

As people demand more, so WhatsApp is working on creating new features to please its users. Here is a list of the most significant features that are being worked on.

·        Multi-Selection

Meta-owned messaging platform WhatsApp is rolling out its new feature ‘multi-selection’ for Windows beta.

Beta testers can now select different messages at once and can either choose to delete them or forward them all at once on WhatsApp web. With this new feature, users can select multiple messages by clicking on select. This feature is useful as earlier users had to select each message individually to delete or forward them. This feature is currently available to beta users on windows and is reported to release to others soon.

·        Approve New Participants

For some beta testers on Android and iOS, WhatsApp is reported to launch ‘approve new participants’ in group settings.

With this feature, group administration will be able to monitor any new member trying to join the groups. In particular, anyone trying to join the group will have to be approved by an administrator.

Moreover, the reports said that group administrators will have even more power and can accept or reject a person even if they have an invitation link.

·        New Emojis

According to some reports, WhatsApp is rolling out 21 new emojis for beta testers on Android It is no longer necessary to download different keyboards to use these emojis, as they can be used from the official WhatsApp keyboard.

Earlier, it was not possible to send these 21 emojis as they were under development so people had to use different keyboards to send these emojis.

According to some reports, this new update will eliminate problems as before people could receive these emojis but could not send them. For your WhatsApp to unlock these emojis you must keep your WhatsApp up to date.

·        Push Name within the Chat List

A new feature is rolling out for iOS users known as ‘push name within the chat list’, using this feature beta testers will now be able to see push names in chats instead of phone numbers whenever they receive a message from an unknown phone number.

This feature will allow the users to know whom the unknown person is without adding him to the contacts list. It will help people in large groups to track who is who.

·        New Text Editor

The messaging platform is also working on its new text editor for its drawings tool, for iOS users.

This new text editor will help users easily change between fonts just by simply tapping on the font which will be on the top of the keyboard. Also, it will help to arrange the text alignment, as this will help to add text before or after images or gifs.

·        Expiration Date for Groups

According to some reports, WhatsApp is developing a new update in which you can set an expiration date for your groups.

When this option is selected users will be able to select between different expiration dates which can be a single day or even longer. This option will only affect the person setting the option and others will not be affected by it.

This feature is still under development and is likely to release in future updates.

·        Mute Calls

A new feature called ‘silence unknown calls’ is rolling out from WhatsApp. This feature will help users mute unknown calls while they are being displayed in the call list and notification bar.

This feature will have many advantages as it will help reduce spam calls and reduce interruptions. Users will find the toggle located in the app setting, and once enabled, all calls from unknown contacts will be muted automatically.

·        Call link

Last month a report told that WhatsApp is developing a new function called ‘Call Link’.  Which will be made for Windows users. This feature will allow users to join calls using a link, this link will be created by the call host.

·        Split View

WhatsApp is launching a new feature for its tablet users. which will allow users to use and see two different application side by side at the same time.

Usually, using the chat view takes up the entire screen and users have to go back to see other conversations. With this new feature launched by WhatsApp users will be able to perform two tasks at the same time.

·        Sticker Maker Tool

As per reports,  WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow its users to convert images into stickers. This will eliminate the need to use any other third-party application.

WhatsApp is one of the most used apps around the world.  As it provides its user’s comfort and safety by giving them end-to-end encryption over their chats. It is currently living up to its name and constantly improving itself day by day according to the consumer’s needs.

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