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Google Chat Coming To Replace Google Hangouts

Hangout services by Google is a communication platform. Hangouts helps the user to start communication with other users through instant messaging, voice calls, and video calls. Hangouts are equally useful for one-to-one communication as well as for group communication. For the ease of the user, Google previously launched the Google Hangouts App for android as well as iOS. But now, new feature of Google Chat is coming to Replace Hangouts in the competition with “Slack”.

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Goodbye Google Hangouts

Google is going to discontinue Hangout services. In the next year, Google will replace Hangouts with a new feature for Chatting. Recently in a blog post it was revealed that Google will terminate the Hangouts slowly to replace with Google_Chats at the start of 2021. Google wants the transfer to be smooth. This is the reason that Google will transfer all the chats, contacts, and history to the new feature of chat.

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Google Workspace

Recently in this month, Google has introduced the Workspace. Google Workspace is a centralized platform for using everything by google. This includes Gmail, Drive, Chat, Meet and etc. Similarly, the chat will also be available in Google’s Workspace feature.

How Google chat will work?

Google chat will be similar to Hangouts. It will allow direct text as well as video calls and other features similar to Hangouts. Strong phishing protection from Gmail for security purposes is also present in the new app. From next year the Google chat will be free for everyone.

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