You are currently viewing The Inspiration4, the first ever voyage of 4 civilians to Space!

The Inspiration4, the first ever voyage of 4 civilians to Space!


For those wishing to go to space, this is a big news! SpaceX is planning to send 4 civilians to the space! Yes, finally civilians would be able to enjoy the space-life! this would be the first ever voyage of 4 civilians to space

This is in accordance to the Elon Musk’s quest that aims at giving civilians an opportunity to travel to space and eventually be able to set a colony at Mars.

When will this happen?

The flight shall take place on Friday consisting of 4 civilians and no professional astronaut shall be accompanying them. Florida is the takeoff station. The SpaceX Dragon Capsule is providing its autonomous navigation capabilities. It shall also monitor life support and a safe return.

This journey is named as Inspiration4 and shall land in the Atlantic Ocean on earth. The Inspiration4 is carrying Jared Isaacman, who is a technology Billionaire along with three others.

Is it safe to send non-astronauts?

This is a boundary breaking experiment of SpaceX to set an example that even ordinary and non-professional astronauts can withstand the space and the space flights. This shall be done is under intense care as these 4 people will be given medical investigations as they orbit around the Earth.

The medical crew shall also conduct a research on the impact of space travelling and spaceflight on the body, health and mind.

Why is this even important?

This is a special and a unique quest that has been undertaken by the SpaceX. This has been able to come up with the as much as double the charity fundraising for cancer research. To make people develop interest in it, a Netflix documentary has already been launched on it.

The idea behind this quest is to induce the idea of space journey to the rich. If the SpaceX is able to conduct these space travel, which it plans for coming 2 years, then in following years we would be normalizing space-travelling.

What is our future?

Meagan Crawford, is of view that in coming years people shall be choosing between trip to Disney land and Space for their vacations.

Crawford is the managing partner of venture capital firm Space Fund Inc., the company that has invested with Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

When did it all started?

Two months from now, the worlds most renowned billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos each went to a short suborbital trip. They were hosted by the craft built and flown by the companies their own companies, the Virgin Galactic Holdings Inc. and Blue Origin LLC.

Now SpaceX is hosting the first ever flight for civilians into true orbit.

How is to be in space?

Peter Beck narrates “My personal view is that a suborbital flight is like a swing on the playground versus a roller coaster in a fun park,”.

Beck is the current chief executive officer of Rocket Lab USA Inc. This is the very company that is aiming at building Neutrons. Neutrons shall be built by end of 2020 and will carry people to deep space.

How much does a space trip cost?

According to one of the estimates, this trip has cost Isaacman $200 million. He is not disclosing the total travel cost. It is also speculated that he has pledge a $100 million from St. Jude for this trip. Nevertheless, the investors are keen in the returns of the Inspiration4 voyage. The speculations are that soon the costs will come down.


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