WhatsApp Payments: How WhatsApp Business Payments will Work?

As the world is moving towards Digitization, everything is moving online. Businesses are doing online payments and therefore WhatsApp is rolling out its new feature “WhatsApp Payments“. Currently, the feature is available in Brazil. Soon, it will roll out for everyone.

What actually is WhatsApp Payments?

In June 2020, During the world famous pandemic, WhastApp Announced the news of its digitization. Whatsapp broke the news about rolling out its own Payment method online.

As, some time ago WhatsApp started Business profiles for the small brands and companies to work online. These businesses started online sale via Whatsapp groups. Hence, the need of receiving money is felt across the Platform. This feature is suitable for digital payments for the users. It’s recently launched for Brazil.

whatsapp payment online in brazil

Whatsapp Payments; An official Name?

Well, there is no official name yet. It is yet to be confirmed, that what will be the name in Whatsapp Mobile Applications. Probably, the names can be as Whatsapp payment methods, digital payment on Whats app or something around it.

It can be; Whatsapp Pay, as Facebook launched its Payment method, known as Facebook pay. Also, Apple is using the same naming technique as Apple Pay etc.

Some of the important queries that came in every other mind is answered below for your ease.

Will it be Free to use the feature?

Most of the time, when any new feature is revealed everyone comes up with this thing in mind. Is it Free for everyone? How much will Whatsapp payment cost? How much budget is required etc

Well, Whatsapp payment is Totally free of cost!!!

Yes, anyone can send payments through WhatsApp just for free without any hassle of separate mobile banking.

What will be the Payments Limits?

They have put some limits with the launch in Brazil. Such as;

Sending Whats-App payments

  • 1000 BRL/Transaction – Approx;
    • US $196
    • £155
    • S$272
    • A$282

Receiving Whats-App Payments

  • 20 Transactions/Day OR 5000 BRL/Month – Approx;
    • US$977
    • £775
    • S$1361
    • A$1412

Don’t stress if these limits do not suit you. As, these are the limits for a normal WhatsApp user. Whats-App Business account will get unlimited payment receiving and whats-app credit card payments. But, Business users need to pay 3.99% Processing fee.

How secure is WhatsApp online payments?

WhatsApp is a secure mobile application. Thus, it ensures the security to continue on latest Whatsapp updates too. However, Whatsapp listed some security steps to ensure it in Brazil.

  • Whatsapp encryption service that will secure payments information.
  • Advance Storage of data, that will have multiple layer of protection of software and hardware.
  • FB PIN protection and Bio-metric, will Add-up extra security.
  • Only correct debit and credit information will be sent.
    • Same applies for authorized user that it’ll sent money once its authorized.