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What are the best Smart home devices?

Best Smart home devices will help you enjoy your life at the best! 

This is 2022 and the way the smartphone has become a necessary part of our lives, similarly the smart devices. Needless to say, smart devices do make life better and more comfortable. For instance, I wake up telling Alexa to reorder my medicines, giving me a follow-up of my news, and reminding me about my meetings.

Also, life is much safe with smart cameras and security systems at my place. Living without them gives me shivers. Thus, if you are thinking that investing in smart home devices is not viable, let me help you change your mind.

Before I start, let me tell you that even I was reluctant to invest in them. I was like, “Nah, I don’t need to make my life complicated with gadgets”. But then, I had to review smart home devices for techbits and I don’t regret it now. Thus, investing in smart home devices can be a joy. Yet, when you start searching for them, you might feel a little overwhelmed. You may not be able to decide which to choose and why to choose, BUT worry not. We got your back!

Why should I invest in Smart home devices?

Well, the question remains why shall I even invest in Smart Home Devices? The answer is that it will make your life easy and comfortable. It will make your daily task automated and help you save time, energy, and even money! Thus, investing in smart home devices is a viable investment. For me, I don’t get late to the office as my devices help me wake up and do my daily tasks. Even when I am out, I can command my devices and make sure my home is safe!

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Here are our best picks:

Amazon Alexa-the best Smart Home device

If you ask me, or any other Alexa user, this is the most helpful device ever. Alexa is witty, Alexa is cool and Alexa is committed. She can’t forget to wake you up at 6 in the morning (only if you have commanded her). She can turn on your favorite music, read out recipes while you cook, and even turn off lights while you lay in your bed. My kids can ask her questions all day long and I can sit back and enjoy the answers!

From purchasing Alexa to connecting it, the process is consumer friendly. You can get it on your doorstep and plugin in to start. Alexa will have your voice commandment and can connect to existing and new devices. Most of the devices Alexa connects to are of Amazon, yet it can connect to certain third-party devices as well.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa, will soon become a house member. She will be reminding you guys of events, and meetings and following your commandments on turning on/off other devices.

Smart Lights-best smart home device

Well, to be honest, most of us forget to turn off lights while leaving home. And if you always find yourself rushing back to the bathroom to check if the lights there are left turn on as you leave your house, you need to invest in Smart lights. I hated leaving my bed at night to check if i had turned off all the unnecessary lights at night. But now, this is not an issue at all. All my lights are under my control! Smart lights, available at Amazon at compatible with Google, Wifi, and Alexa!

Smart Camera-indoors and outdoors

Want to have a full check of what is happening indoors and outdoors? Then you must invest in smart cameras that will help you get connected with your mobile. You can access them on your mobile so that you know who is inside the house and who is outside. The new outdoor smart cameras available at Amazon get connected with Alexa. They move with objects that move or are suspicious. The outdoor camera would even through the light at night on moving objects and notify you with an HD video.

Smart locks-best smart home device

Smart locks help you have a safe home. They help you control your locks at voice commands. You can get your smart locks at Amazon. They also help you control your doors with a mobile phone. A small camera is available to let you know who enters and leave the house. They can be accessed by multiple people( to those to who you give access). Some even come with a biometric, and the rest work on voice commands. Learn more about the best smart locks here.

best smart home devices

Smart Thermostat

You can control the temperature of your room/house. The smart thermostat helps you to voice commands and adjust the temperature. Thus, when connected with a mobile, you can easily warm up your room, even before reaching the house on cold nights. These are the best things ever as you don’t have to worry about the remote controllers. Also, they help you raise/ pull down the temperature at any time from anywhere!

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