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What is GPT-4? All details about Chat GPT-4 that you need to know!

Chat GPT an artificial intelligence that is said to have more knowledge than humans a computer-generated algorithm that can think and answer questions, recently it has gained much popularity. Artificial intelligence is already taking over all sectors. AI has vast applications in 2023! An updated version of chat GPT is being released known as Chat GPT-4. Chat GPT-4s full form (Generative pre-trained transformer is a language model), and it is created by Open AI. GPT-4 is the fourth edition of GPT. Chat GPT-4 was released on 14 March 2023. It is limited to its users as its service are not free. You will have to buy a premium subscription to get the latest GPT-4.

Difference between GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

Huge differences can be observed after the release of GPT-4. GPT-4 is much more powerful than GPT-3.5. word limit has been improved a lot previously the GPT -3.5 could generate around three thousand words responses, but this time Chat GPT-4 can generate about 25000 words responses. This is massive as the word limit has been increased more than eight times.

GPT-4 is much more powerful than the previous GPT-3.5. It is said that it is ten times more accurate and powerful than GPT-3.5. It is built much more intelligent than before.

Other than that Chat GPT-4 can produce natural-sounded text and more accuracy is seen in the problems solved. A new feature is added through which it can process images as well, which was not seen previously.

What is Chat GPT-4

What is GPT-4 capable of?


Chat GPT-4 is multimodal. It has an amazing feature in which it can accept both images and text. Chat GPT-4 can also scan documents and give outputs for that question.

Moreover, it can also read graphs and can calculate values from graphs that you have uploaded. It can easily read data on the graph and can-do calculations.

More truthful and accurate data is presented by GPT-4. It can easily answer any questions whether they require calculations.

GPT-4 can also calculate the taxes of individuals it was never seen before, it is very convenient for people to just calculate taxes in one click.

According to AI, GPT-4 can write any kind of code in any type of language. Chat GPT-4 can be used to write codes create games and much more.

It also allows the users to upload photos of ingredients of their favorite dish and it can tell you how to make your favorite treat.

Chat GPT-4 can also be used to create websites as well. it can do so many things like humans can do but it can never be as smart as humans, as humans were the ones who created it.




Chat GPT-4 has limited knowledge. It may have information about everything, but its knowledge cannot be compared with humans.

Sometimes it gives non-sensical and unrealistic answers and irrelevant data is given which is not a good thing and limits chat GPT-4. The answers are not very realistic it cannot add feelings and emotions to the answer, so the answer feels unrealistic.

Chat GPT-4 is very fast and reliable and can give answers to your questions very easily, but the answers are not explained properly. Only short answers are given. If you want a detailed explanation of your question or topic, then it can be difficult.

Chat GPT-4 is capable of solving mathematical problems, but it cannot solve complex problems accurately. It can give you wrong answers to complex problems. once you will give a complex problem it will talk a long time to calculate the answer and the answer will not be accurate.

GPT-4 can only perform one task at a time multitasking cannot be done by GPT-4. If you ask for two works simultaneously it will give an error.

It is not a complete package work is still being done to improve it and many bugs are still present.


Who can access GPT-4?

Everyone cannot access GPT-4 as it is not free you have to buy their Chat GPT plus to use the GPT-4. Chat GPT-4 can accept both text and images, but the feature of images is not yet offered to the public. People can’t use images for input only text could be input for now.

Everyone could get access to Chat GPT-4 after their subscription. You have to pay $20 per month to use Chat GPT-4. It has no limitations for anyone everybody can use it.

GPT-4 is a revolution or not

Chat GPT is a different and unique application it can be a revelation as it can work that humans can do but it cannot do all the works done by humans it is not as smart and intelligent as humans because it does not have a brain like humans. Although it can do many useful things like giving answers writing summaries writing paragraphs writing codes creating websites and much more the work is not that accurate and realistic.

what is Chat GPT-4

Chat GPT-4 is not so much intelligent and has no emotions so it cannot replace humans. It can do so much work, but Chat GPT-4 cannot be used everywhere. It can be a revelation if more work is done on it and new features are added but for now it is not a revolution.


Conclusion-What is Chat GPT-4?

Overall Chat GPT-4 is a good step by AI, and it can be successful many new features are introduced word limit has been increased other than that we can see that it is more accurate and faster but not all the time there are still some glitches. The price for the subscription is more it should be less so it could be affordable for several people. No matter how well it is developed it can never replace humans.

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