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What is Glass Mouse pad? Complete guide 2023!

Usually, mouse pads are made up of plastic and fabric, but have you ever heard about Glass mouse pad which is made up of tempered glass? Razer has introduced this amazing product. At first sight, you might think it is a simple mouse pad but when you take a closer look and pick it up you will notice that it is something incredible, the shiny surface and premium look will make you experience it. Let’s see what this glass mouse pad can do.

What is a glass mouse pad?

The gaming community is growing day by day and so many new technologies and gadgets are released every day. One of these is a glass mouse pad. It is made by a company named Razer Atlas.

Glass mouse pad
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This pad is a bit more expensive than the usual mouse pad. You can get your very own glass mouse pad for USD 99.99. It is made up of tempered glass and a rubber base is given for grip. You can get yours in two colors white and black. It is not too thick the design is slim and smart. The surface is made shiny and responsive, so every move is captured easily.

Features of glass mouse pad

It is a real beast for gamers and those who have a lot of work with a mouse. For Gamers and runners speed is the main thing if speed is not there they cannot compete. This is made keeping it in mind. It is super responsive which gives an excellent response time.

A very premium tempered glass is used to give a different experience to gamers. A very smooth and slippery surface is made, and premium glass makes sure the durability is not compromised.

Razer has made it scratch resistant. This also doesn’t let dust and dirt stay on its surface and it helps in keeping it clean. Thus giving an ultimate gaming experience.

Not only this, it is offered in two different colors so you can choose according to your choice or your setup color.

A full rubber anti-slip rubber base is given with the glass mouse pad this allows a firm and strong grip to the glass mouse pad ad it helps in intense gaming sessions where you want extra grip.

It is made in one piece and is very easy to clean and maintain because it is full of glass. It does not absorb dust or dirt and you can easily clean it with a microfiber cloth or any simple cloth that does not scratch the glass mouse pad.

Is a glass mouse pad a good product?

The glass mouse pad is a dream product for gamers. Glass mouse pads have all the properties a good mouse pad should have. It gives an extra push to the users and the work can be done more efficiently and fast. Glass mouse pad is one of the most smooth and responsive mouse pads. Glass mouse pad can capture every single motion and move enhancing the quality of your gaming and it gives an ultimate experience of gaming.

Although it is a really good product and works very well it is only useful for gamers who do intense gaming. It is not very beneficial for office use or normal use, a simple mouse pad can do the job for them, and a glass mouse pad is a bit expensive. A cheap mouse pad could be bought three to four times cheaper. Still, if you can afford you should buy this as it enhances the look of your setup and can give a boost while playing games.


As the mouse pad is entirely made out of glass, it may be vulnerable and can be easily broken or damaged easily. So, keeping a glass mouse pad you need to be very cautious.

As you know this mouse pad is completely made up of glass you should handle it safely. Never use it to hit someone it can give serious injuries other than that it shouldn’t be exposed to direct heat or sunlight and handle safely.

Moreover, always use a soft fabric to clean its surface so it is not scratched other than that it is made for ruff and tuff use and you are good to go.


The glass mouse pad is a very unique and different product. It not only enhances your gaming experience it also enhances the look of your gaming setup it gives a more premium and futuristic look. This is not as durable as the regular mouse pad you cannot move your glass mouse pad all the time but for a better experience, you have to compromise.

It can become a revolutionary product because it is a different product and nowadays gaming is very common, and it is a very good product for gamers. Other than that it has very less wear and tear because it is made of glass so you don’t need to replace it very often it can do your work for a long time and you can save some money.

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