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WhatsApp rolls out major new features!

While WhatsApp is making headlines this year, we are excited for the new features. Nevertheless, it is one of the most used messaging applications in the world that has always surprised its users by bringing changes and amazing features. With new features, it is allowing to cater business and social needs.

WhatsApp reactions are real!

Whilst Mark Zuckerberg had already hinted that reactions will be rolling out on WhatsApp. They are out in many countries yet still they are not available in some countries. This feature is exciting. It assures that conveying emotions.

Here is how the Zuckerberg welcomes reactions on WhatsApp!


here is how, Meta defines the new features!

WhatsApp roll out new features

This is not the only new feature that is rolling out! Here are few more:

Increasing the file-sharing size

Previously, the WhatsApp users could only send files of sizes up to 100 MBs. Now it is jumping to 2 GB. This is great news for businesses and students. It will now allow people to share data easily! From heavy videos to filled documents, sharing on WhatsApp is becoming more than easy!

Increasing Group chat participants!

Now you can add 512 participants in a WhatsApp group. if you are wondering that how many would have participated before. Well, the number was not small. It was 256. However, this new toll allows to be more expressive. This is a great feature for online businesses, university and educational groups, nonetheless all social and political groups can benefit from it!

Larger Voice Calls

Now you can call (voice call) with 32 people with a single tap!

Admins can delete a message

Although many people have reservations about this. But the admin now has the authority to delete a problematic message. though it limits the freedom of speech, it is necessary in case of decorum, avoiding fights and deleting offensive messages.

The admin now has the power to ‘delete for everyone a message, he deems inappropriate!

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