WhatsApp Web introduces new feature-allows you to send messages without active internet on mobile!

Why is WhatsApp so famous?

WhatsApp is developing and introducing new features as it is the most used platform for sending and receiving messages. WhatsApp is not an ordinary messaging application. It is much more. It allows to send voice notes, it allows to send media files, and allows to send contacts and locations. No Application by far has this much diversity.

These features, thereby allow students, families, businesses to connect. Even schools have been directing their students during pandemic. The diversity of WhatsApp makes it famous among all the age groups.

What new Feature is rolling out?

WhatsApp just launches a new WhatsApp Web feature. this new exciting feature allows the user to link up 4 devices. The new feature also makes WhatsApp web independent of the mobile internet connection. So, if your mobile does not has an active internet( maybe you ran out of battery) you can still send messages via WhatsApp Web. This is a feature people had been long waiting for. This feature makes their work independent and so does makes them work without a hassle. However, many users are concerned that this might breach their privacy. So now users have to be careful that if they have logged in to their peers computer, they need to log out. Also if you are logging in to University computers or any other place, make sure to log out!

What new features to expect in 2022!

Whilst this the not the only feature of 2022! There are many to roll out in this year. WhatsApp is working on different features and here are some to expect in 2022!

  • Customize last seen
    It is expected that the new feature will allow you to customize the last seen. You can make sure you add some people within contact list and then mark them to not see your last seen. This feature enables privacy and is much in demand! However, you never know the other person would be knowing that you have specifically hidden your last seen from them!

  • unlimiting the delete message time
    For now, you can delete a message within 68 minutes and 16 seconds. However, the beta version is being tested for unlimiting the time limit. You can select any message from chat and delete it!
  • Adding message reaction
    Now you can react to any message by emojis, just like on Facebook. This will allow to smooth the conversation among the users and improve their expressiveness.
  • Allowing you to create an emoji
    You will be making your own emojis on WhatsApp. This is one of the most creative feature all set to roll out!
  • Instagram Reels
    As a process to make WhatsApp integrated with the other social media platforms, the WhatsApp is enabling users to directly send and receive InstaReels.


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