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Which Mac Book to buy? Latest guide 2022!

Laptops selection is crucial. Especially in 2022 where we have a lot many options. We have Dell, Apple, Compaq, HP and many more. Some famous, some not: Some Good, some bad: Some overpriced, some under-rated! But then, we cannot invest daily on Laptops. So we thought why not we tell you which one to buy.

You may call us bias, but our opinion regarding laptops is Mac Book! We don’t think that there is a better option than that for you. A technology equipped master piece it is. However, we will be talking about pocket friendly laptops in our coming articles, but for now, this one is all dedicated to Mac Book!

Here are our top Mack Book series for 2022. sit back, read and then make a decision for yourself!

1. Mac Book Air 2022

The Mac Book Air is expensive though, it starts at $999 yet it is worth investing in. It has  8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage and is also powered by M1. looking at it, it is an average looking laptop with 2560 x 1600 screen, Touch ID, 720p webcam, fingerprint sensor, and scissor-switch keyboard. However, its fast. for professional use like video editing and photoshops, it is the best! With heavy workload, it can sustain 8 hours of battery!

Mac Book Air continues to have a LCD display. Apple is keeping up the mini-LED display for Pro series. Rest the visual graphics are at its best. Screen size is 13.3 inches. the camera is 1080p camera, which is improved from  720p camera. though iPhones and iPads have better cameras.


To Be Honest, this is the best laptop ever made! This is a machine you will love to work on!  The verge says that their testing on different laptops were made. They had a encoding, playback, and export time test and MacBook Pro is the winner. 16 hours of battery life is something “wow”! Display and speakers are extremely great. So far, this is the only Laptop with the best speakers. It is a great multimedia laptop, with fine outlook and design and great interior set up!


Not many creative professionals can afford a MacBook Pro 16-inch. And TBH, the best one for creative professionals is the 14 inch one. A little friendly on pocket and great for professional work. It is thin, light and a bit smaller!

The 14 Inch has a good battery life, is great for video making and editing. It works perfect for  playbacks and is great to work on!

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