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Why to have easypaisa account in your mobile phones?

The world of technology is revolutionizing. From cash to credit/debit cards, from handsets to bar phones and smartphones, and much more. Yet, this is not the end! The technology is not halting but is surprising us in different ways.

Today, we have smartphones with the most helpful applications that can ease our lives. But the thing is that we need to know which is the best application for us. While we have been informing our readers of the essential applications, it is about time we tell them to have to have an Easypaisa application in their mobile phones to be installed.

It is about time, that people know which is the best application among the mobile wallets. As said, the world is revolutionizing in technology and now we have moved ahead of debit cards. we have mobile phones as our wallets and use them anywhere we want to.

Here are awesome reasons to have an Easypaisa account:

It’s not only free, but they pay you for having it!

that you read it right. the application is totally free, there are no ads or paid features. but the best part is that as soon as you create an Easypaisa account, you are able to avail yourself of a 50 PKR cashback! Amazing no?

Pay your bills even on Sundays and off-banking time!

The utility bills are the most crucial ones I tell you. You never tend to remember the due date. As students, parents, or employees, life is too hectic to remember due dates. Also, who has enough time to stand in long queues and go risk lives (Covid-19 reference here).

But then, we all have time for our smartphones and social lives. And that’s why it is easy to use Easypaisa. Once you have added the reference number of your bill, each month you will automatically get a reminder to pay off your bills. So now with Easypaisa pay your bills on Sunday, at 3 am ( i mean whatever time suits you) or even after banks are closed.

Recharge your mobiles

To Be Honest, this is one of the amazing features. I have switched to monthly mobile cards (super cards and easy cards) as I am a prepaid user and believe me the Cellular service company starts reminding me 2 days ahead of the card expiry. Yet I was always unable to fetch them and recharge my mobile on time. the loss of the valuable left Mbs and minutes would break my heart. but now, no hassle of rushing to market, scratching cards, and breaking hearts.

Now link your bank account to it!

If you have a bank account, you can get linked it with the Easypaisa account so that you can transfer money from your account to the Easypaisa account and vice versa. This makes life much easier if you are handling payments online.

Now get your Easypaisa debit cards!

You can now apply for an Easypaisa debit card for minimal charges. The card is valid across National ATMs and PSOS. You can request it through your application.

Making Payments easier

Well, we often come across places where cards are not accepted are we are running out of cash. Like a local bakery, a taxi, or a local shop. But they can accept money in Easypaisa. Yesterday I ran out of cash and was to buy bread and eggs. I offered them payment through Easypaisa and they readily accepted it. Also, I have purchased a mobile phone recently from a local store and was having 2000 PKR less than what he demanded, the shopkeeper himself asked to make a 2000 rupee transaction through the application! I have even made purchases from fruit sellers across the streets.

Send money and Receive it anywhere

sending and receiving money had never been this easy before. You can expect an ATM machine nearby and if you do, sometimes it is out of service. But you can expect a shop that deals in Easypaisa near you. You can see different local shops having banners of Easypaisa. and the person you want to send money does not necessarily need to have an Easypaisa account. they can get their payment against their CNIC card as well. Easy no?




Well, what are you waiting for? Download the app now and enjoy the easiest paisa ever!








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