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Reasons Why We Should Not Use Cover Over The MacBook Camera – Informs Apple

In the beginning of this post, we want to make it clear that Apple didn’t say “Don’t use the Macbook camera cover“. It says that “Don’t close your MacBook devices” while the cover is on. There is a great difference between both of the sentences. It means that you can use the camera cover, in some certain cases but you must remove it before you close the device.

Apple warned its users to not close the Macbook devices with camera cover. This is because it may cause damage to their devices. The main issue is the damage caused to the display in the device. Apple says there is no need for camera covers in the devices. The issue is reported in every Macbook device i.e MacBook pro, Macbook Air, iMac, iMac pro.

How to Protect MacBook Camera Privacy?

To protect user privacy they have designed led light with a camera. The green led light shows the state of the camera. When the light is on the camera is also on. When the light is not on the camera is off.

How camera covers cause damage to MacBook?

macbook camera cover

If you close the device with the camera cover on, the display will be damaged. This is because of the manufacturing design. The clearance between the display and keyboard is designed with very tight tolerances. If we cover the built-in camera there might be an issue. The cover will affect the working of the light sensor.

Damages Camera Cover can do

It may prevent features like automatic brightness and a true tone from working. As an alternate of camera cover, use the camera indicating light. Also, manage the applications which can use the camera or which cannot. This will prevent your device’s display from damage.

Watch for the green camera indicator light

Apple has designed a LED light with the webcam that indicates either cam is off or on. When the camera is off the green light is also off and when the camera is on the green light is on. It indicates the use of cam. The camera is built while keeping all the security and privacy issues in mind. The design of the camera is in such a way that the camera cannot be used when led is off.

If your work environment requires a MacBook camera cover

If the environment (you are a tech pro) that requires camera cover all the time then follow these guidelines:

macbook, macbook pro camera covers
  • The camera cover should not be thick than 0.1mm i.e a printer paper’s thickness.
  • Avoid covers that use adhesives residue.
  • If your camera cover is thicker than 0.1mm it should be removed when the device is close.

Final Thoughts

From the above article it’s concluded, If we want that our Apple devices work safe and sound we should follow the above steps. The above article shows all the reasons why or why not we should use the Macbook camera cover.

Now if you are a technician or a user you should be aware and tell others from this article and share your experiences. If you have the above issues you should try to resolve it according to the article.

It would be best for us to try not to use the camera cover. If it is necessary to use the cover then remove it before you close the device.

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