YouTube Shorts: An official TikTok competitor Released

YouTube Shorts: An official TikTok competitor Released

On Monday, Youtube has officially announced a brand new feature called Youtube shorts. It is just the same as a famous video application TikTok.

The main purpose of this feature is to help users express themselves in a short video of less than one minute. It helps the user to express them to the entire world in less time and a more efficient way.

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YouTube Shorts will provide many other functionalities to the video creator to create the video more interesting and attractive. The multi-segment camera will be the main feature of it. With this feature, the creator can control speed, add multiple clips, timer and countdown without holding their phone. The feature is almost like the famous app TikTok.

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You may have seen the section on your YouTube home page having name shorts. You will find a row of videos in that section by your favorite video maker. To use Youtube Shorts is just like TikTok. To see the next or previous video you have to swipe up or down. The user can also see the recommended videos by the application too.

The Word shorts was first leaked in April by Youtube officials. This feature will be first rolled out in India. This is because of having a good video streaming market in India. After the successful launch in India, it will be launched in other countries too soon.

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